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I’m Julien Gauthier, a concept artist for more than 7 years. I also have experience as a VFX Art Director on multiple show and received a VES award because of my work (and the team) on the Rings of Power on Amazon Prime.

I studied 3D animation. With knowledge in all the 3D pipeline in order to make an animated movie.
I started my career as a Lighting TD. While working on multiple movie such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman vs Superman, The Minions, I started learning digital painting in order to become concept artist.

I like to draw a lot, carrying my sketchbook everywhere. I have a keen interest in paintings digital and a bit traditional. But I also like to go back from time to time to something a bit technical while exploring different visual style in 3D


If you are interested in my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:


Thank you! :D

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