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Welcome to Númenor!

I had the chance to be involved in the design of the city from the very beginning to the final shot approval. Along with great artists, it was the favorite project I worked on so far :D Me and the team are also very proud to have received a VES award for this specific environment.

The process involved at first some black and white, quick sketches, to figure out the intention of the city. Before quickly moving into a rough 3D model to explore the cinematic aspect right from the beginning.

While working on the design, the 3D model evolved and was always the base for the paint over and explorations to maintain as much consistency as possible.


The following gallery is a selection of work I did during the Post-Production on the show. As an Art Director I had to think about all the aspect of the city. From the overall map to the design of the murals. We tried to always keep a logic behind things while incorporating an history behind every elements.

A big part of the job was also to paintover the team’s work in order to guide them while trying to improve the look.

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